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The Universidad Ana G. Méndez (UAGM), Carolina Campus is a private non-profit institution of higher education and a component of Ana G. Méndez University System. Its main campus is in Carolina and four (4) additional locations in Puerto Rico; these are situated in the towns of Yauco, Cabo Rojo, Barceloneta, and Santa Isabel. The Carolina main campus is in the Eastern part of the island. Its 21 acres suburban campus and its modern and spacious buildings provide an ideal atmosphere for the learning experience.

In addition, UAGM Carolina Campus has a total of five (5) branch campuses in the continental United States and one additional location in the state of Maryland. Three branch campuses are in the state of Florida: (a) Metro Orlando campus in Orlando; (b) South Florida campus in Miami Lakes; and (c) the Tampa Bay campus in Tampa. In January 2012, the Capital Area branch campus located in the state of Maryland initiated its academic offerings. The Off-campus location in Washington D.C. began operations in 2013 with the Culinary Arts program. The Dallas branch campus opened in 2015 in the state of Texas.

As a professionally oriented institution, UAGM Carolina Campus offers, eleven postsecondary certificate programs, twenty-five associate degrees, over forty-nine (49) baccalaureate programs and around twenty-three
master programs, in the areas of business, education, social work, criminal justice and criminology. Founded in l949, as Puerto Rico Junior College (PRJC), it continued to mature into a four-year institution in 1992 as Colegio Universitario del Este (CUE) and evolving into a university in 2001 as Universidad del Este. In 2019 Universidad del Este changed its name to Ana G. Méndez University, Carolina Campus.

UAGM Carolina Campus student population consists mostly of commuting young adults from the surrounding communities. The overall enrollment at UAGM Carolina Campus is 10,868, comprised of undergraduate and graduate students. Master’s degree programs were initiated in October 2001 at UAGM Carolina Campus and in 2005 at the additional locations. The academic faculty consists of 192 full time professors and over one thousand part-time professors. Forty-seven per cent of the full-time faculty has doctorates while the rest of the faculty possesses master’s degrees in their fields of expertise.