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January 1, 2019


The Universidad del Turabo, Universidad Metropolitana, Universidad del Este y Universidad Ana G. Méndez Online change their name, but maintain their commitment to continue offering an education of excellence.

San Juan, Puerto Rico - The Sistema Universitario Ana G. Méndez (SUAGM), announced the change of name of its four main universities (Universidad del Turabo, Universidad Metropolitana, Universidad del Este and Universidad Ana G. Méndez Online) to Universidad Ana G. Méndez (UAGM). 

This change, authorized by the Middle State Commission on Higher Education and the Board of Postsecondary Institutions (formerly known as the Puerto Rico Council of Higher Education) allows institutions to be named as follows:

  • Universidad Ana G. Méndez - Gurabo Campus (formerly Universidad del Turabo)
  • Universidad Ana G. Méndez - Cupey Campus (formerly Universidad Metropolitana - UMET)
  • Universidad Ana G. Méndez - Carolina Campus (formerly Universidad del Este - UNE)
  • Universidad Ana G. Méndez - Online Campus (formerly Universidad Ana G. Méndez)

Each of the thirteen (13) university centers of the institution throughout the island will change their names in the same way under the UAGM, designating them according to their locality, and they will
remain administratively assigned to their corresponding main campus. 

"As you know, for several years an internal analysis process was initiated that aimed to explore new alternatives to serve with greater effectiveness and efficiency. Today, we celebrate together this great transcendental step in the evolution of the leading private higher education institution in Puerto Rico", said the president of the university, José F. Méndez Méndez. 

For students, this change will have no impact on their rights, privileges and responsibilities since each active student will continue their studies and activities under the corresponding campus. Their approved credits will continue to be honored and they will be able to complete their studies in the current curricular sequences. In addition, the change of name to Universidad Ana G. Méndez will not affect the validity of the degrees granted up to this date to the graduates, and the federal or state financial aid for students will not be affected. 

The institution has initiated a plan in each of the main campuses and university centers for the implementation of the change of name in all administrative, academic and student processes.

María A. Martínez (787) 407-6266
Associate Vice President of Public Relations

Rafael Matos (787) 426-1593
Director of Public Relations