About the UAGM Carolina Campus

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Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Carolina Campus is a private non-profit institution of higher education. Its main campus is in Carolina and four (4) additional locations in Puerto Rico; these are situated in the towns of Yauco, Cabo Rojo, Barceloneta, and Santa Isabel. The Carolina main campus is located in the Eastern part of the island. Its 21 acres suburban campus and its modern and spacious buildings provide an ideal atmosphere for the learning experience.

UAGM Carolina Campus is a non-sectarian, non-profit, independent, educational institution that serves the people of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the states of Florida, Maryland, and Texas. Additionally, through its collaborative agreements the institution contributes to the international communities in general. The Chancellor and the staff direct the administrative activities of the Institution with two governing bodies: the Administrative Council and the Academic Board. The Student Council, elected by a governing assembly made up of student delegates, also contributes to the student representation in these administrative governing bodies.

UAGM Carolina Campus fosters both the creative activity and educational, scientific, and social research to; promote continuous institutional progress, contribute to the advancement of knowledge, and better serve the community at large. In the academic area, UAGM Carolina Campus offers technical-professional certificate programs, associate, baccalaureate and masters in various disciplines such as criminal justice, social work, health sciences, science and technology, hospitality management, culinary arts, education, and business administration. The academic programs offered by the Institution are classified under three categories: occupational and professional programs, transfer programs, and community service programs.

One of the main goals of UAGM Carolina Campus is to educate and develop in its students professional and academic skills that will allow them to perform efficiently in jobs, and that will permit them to achieve advanced academic levels. Guided by this goal, the Institution has designed a diversified and flexible program of studies to prepare each student into a capable professional in his/her specialty.

UAGM Carolina Campus is a teaching institution; therefore, it provides its faculty with professional development opportunities in their teaching specialties; it offers teaching support services within its student holistic development framework, and it provides the means and an appropriate environment through which the teaching-learning process occurs. The principal function of the faculty, according to UAGM Carolina Campus philosophy, is to provide responsible and innovative teaching. Faculty enjoys complete academic freedom and participates actively in academic advising processes. Faculty’s professional activities on and off campus should follow UAGM Carolina Campus basic tenets. UAGM Carolina Campus expects to reach academic excellence by means of a well-trained faculty, academic programs sensitive to the needs of students and the job market in adequate and well equipped physical facilities.